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Our How to Use GoAbroad web page details how to search for programs, apply to programs, and complete the UVM approval process. 

Please search for programs and learn more about study abroad at UVM using the links from this page. When you're ready to apply, please click the Apply Now button on your chosen program's GoAbroad page.

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3021 0 Application Deadlines

Our Study Abroad Deadlines web page details term-specific deadlines.

Our next deadline is August 10/September 15 for Spring 2025 study abroad programs.

3022 0 New Exchange, Semester, and ISEP applications cannot be opened 10 days prior to deadline! GoAbroad applications for UVM Exchange, UVM Semester, and ISEP Exchange programs must be initiated at least 10 days before the final UVM study abroad application deadline. The application requirements for these programs include multiple requirements and steps that require advanced planning in order to be successfully completed and submitted. The OIE staff is not able to make exceptions to applications initiated in this time or extensions to the application deadline for incomplete requirements. 0